Author: Barry J. Hutchison    Publisher: Zertex Media Ltd
Published: 30th July 2017    ISBN:978-1-912767-04-5

"Dial D For Deadman"

By Barry J. Hutchison


The Space Team Universe just got a whole lot darker.

In an alien city torn apart by crooked cops and ruthless criminals, private detective, Dan Deadman, specializes in cases unusual and bizarre.

Sure, he doesn’t smell great, and he’s technically been dead for quite some time, but if you’ve got a rampaging Hell-beast tearing up your street, or a portal to another dimension appearing in your bathroom, Dan’s your man. 

After saving a mysterious young woman named Ollie from the clutches of something big, slimy, and unpleasant, Dan gets entangled in a missing child case, a string of grisly murders, and a severed woman’s arm that just won’t leave him alone.

And then there’s the demonic entity who’ll stop at nothing to get its tentacles on Ollie, even if it means destroying the whole damn planet.

Times like these, Dan would give his right nut to be a real detective.

If he still had nuts.

From the pages of Space Team: The Guns of Nana Joan, “Dial D for Deadman” is the first darkly comedic action adventure novel starring Dan Deadman, Space Detective.

Praise for Dan Deadman

Entertaining, light hearted, hilarious a great story full of wonderful characters that you will fall in love with. Would definitely recommend!” – Amazon Review

The action starts with the first word and literally doesn’t stop until the end.” – Amazon Review

“Would make even the undead laugh out loud!”- Amazon Review

I should probably stop reading it on the train and annoying everyone else with my laughter!”  – Amazon Review

The Dan Deadman Series

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