Author: Barry J. Hutchison    Publisher: Zertex Media Ltd
Published: 26th November 2017    ISBN:978-1-912767-06-9

"Dead Inside"

By Barry J. Hutchison


Dan Deadman is having one of those days.

After saving the grim and gritty alien city of Down Here from something big, mean and mind-bendingly horrible, Dan is looking forward to unwinding in the closest available bar. Annoyingly, the universe has other ideas.

Instead, Dan finds himself investigating a cheating husband, two horrible murders, and the potential enslavement of everyone in the galaxy. With his caseload stretching his woefully limited detective skills, his car in pieces, and the whole ‘being dead’ thing not doing him any favors, Dan has no choice but to ask his friends for help.

And that’s when his problems really start.

Featuring motivational gangsters, predatory worms and a whole classroom full of defecating infants, “Dead Inside” is the second book in the Dan Deadman Space Detective Series, and the follow-up to the best-selling “Dial D for Deadman”.

Praise for Dan Deadman

Entertaining, light hearted, hilarious a great story full of wonderful characters that you will fall in love with. Would definitely recommend!” – Amazon Review

The action starts with the first word and literally doesn’t stop until the end.” – Amazon Review

“Would make even the undead laugh out loud!”- Amazon Review

I should probably stop reading it on the train and annoying everyone else with my laughter!”  – Amazon Review

The Dan Deadman Series

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