Author: Barry J. Hutchison    Publisher: Zertex Media Ltd
Published: 29th May 2018   

"Dead in the Water"

By Barry J. Hutchison

Dan Deadman’s afterlife just hit an all new low.

When a suspect explodes mid-interrogation and his office is taken over by an intergalactic despot, undead detective, Dan Deadman, reckons he’s finally hit rock bottom.

Banished to a dangerous underground hostel network, Dan becomes embroiled in a mass-murder investigation that will take him from the bowels of Down Here to the depths of the ocean. As the clues run out and the case collapses around him, Dan discovers a sinister plot that could wipe out two whole civilizations, and plunge the planet of Parloo into an endless bloody war.

Featuring terrifying sea monsters, killer toilets, and an anatomically correct children’s cartoon mascot who’ll haunt your nightmares forever, “Dead in the Water” is the third book in the Dan Deadman Space Detective series, and perfect for fans of Space TeamThe Dresden Files, and tiny aggressive Irish fellas.

Praise for Space Team

Space Team is one of those rare gems, a genuinely funny science fiction story that manages to entertain from beginning to end.” –

I rarely give out five-star reviews for books – generally save those for life-changing reads- but I think Space Team, for what it aims to be, deserves the highest praise I can deliver.” – Amazon Review

“I had to stop reading because I laughed too hard to see.” – Amazon Review

“This is hardboiled space humour at its best.” – BookWitch

“Be prepared to laugh out loud – don’t read in places where this will be embarrassing!” – Amazon Review

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