Author: Barry Hutchison    Publisher: Zertex Media Ltd
Published: 9th April 2019

World Killer

By Barry Hutchison


Aged six, he went missing for two weeks. Ten years later, he’s finally going to find out why.

Ever since he staggered out of the darkness into a crowd of police and press reporters, Daryl Elliot has been afraid of something he has absolutely no memory of.

Afraid of whatever happened to him in those two missing weeks.

Now sixteen, Daryl has grown up a loner, with few friends, fewer ambitions, and a burning desire to go unnoticed by the rest of the world.

All that changes, however, when he begins to manifest telekinetic powers during gym class. Daryl begins to uncover the secrets of his lost two weeks, and just how far from average he truly is.

A threat is coming. The biggest threat the Earth has ever faced. Galactic warlord, the World Killer, is bringing his death-planet to our solar system, intending to strip our world bare.

And Daryl is one of just three people with the power to stop it.

With days to go before the attack, Daryl must learn to work with two super-powered strangers, master his own abilities, and prepare himself to lead the others into battle.

But, with a shady government agent hunting them down, a mentor with little regard for human life, and the world’s most famous (and arrogant) teenager rounding out the team, it won’t just take hard work to get them ready for war.

It’ll take a miracle.

World Killer is a standalone young adult science fiction adventure from Barry J. Hutchison, author of the internationally bestselling Space Team series.

Praise for Space Team

Space Team is one of those rare gems, a genuinely funny science fiction story that manages to entertain from beginning to end.” – “I rarely give out five-star reviews for books – generally save those for life-changing reads- but I think Space Team, for what it aims to be, deserves the highest praise I can deliver.” – Amazon Review “I had to stop reading because I laughed too hard to see.” – Amazon Review “This is hardboiled space humour at its best.” – BookWitch “Be prepared to laugh out loud – don’t read in places where this will be embarrassing!” – Amazon Review

The Space Team Series

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