Author: Bob Blighty    Publisher: Zertex Media Ltd
Published: 7th August 2018

Post Brexit

By Bob Blighty


What if Brexit was even more terrible than we feared?

One year after it crashed out of the EU without a deal, the once-United Kingdom is anything but. Scotland has declared independence. Ireland has been reunited. The whole of Wales has sunk into the sea.

Isolated, and with law and order little more than a memory, England has been divided amongst warring factions, each ruled by demented former Tory Party frontbenchers.

Ex-Royal Marine Commando, Rupert Sexton, survives in this post-apocalyptic wasteland by keeping his head down and his eyes open, and by avoiding the attention of local ruling clan, the sinister, bike-riding ‘Bojos.’

But, when Rupert finds an eight-year-old Eastern European girl washed up on a Weymouth beach, he is reluctantly drawn into a battle he cannot hope to win.

His only hope is to get the girl to the safety of the Scottish border. But with a war brewing between the Bojos and the Rees-Moggies, and a whole country of gammon-faced Brexiteers standing in his way, Rupert’s latest mission may well turn out to be his last.

Brexit Wounds is the first book in the darkly comedic post-apocalyptic survival series, Post Brexit, with each book following Rupert on another step of his journey through a hellish dystopian version of England.

Fans of Black Mirror and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil will enjoy it. Fans of the Daily Mail, Nigel Farage, or casual racism probably won’t.

Praise for Space Team

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The Space Team Series

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