Author: Barry J. Hutchison    Publisher: Zertex Media Ltd
Published: 4th December 2018    ISBN:978-1912767106

Space Team: Sentienced to Death

By Barry J. Hutchison


Accidental space adventurer Cal Carver has had a rough few months. He’s fought spider-dragons, battled space clowns, and been repeatedly tortured by the galaxy’s oldest assassin.

And don’t even get him started on the squirrel-tits.

Now all that’s behind him, Cal just wants to kick back and relax. The universe, however, has other ideas.

He and his crew find themselves in possession of the Symmorium Sentience, a once god-like entity now stripped of its power. The Sentience needs help to return home and restore the Symmorium species, which recently found itself the subject of an unfortunate genocide.

But with dark forces seeking to turn the Sentience’s power into a planet-pulverizing weapon, the team’s trek across the galaxy becomes a desperate race against time, with the fate of the very cosmos at stake.

Featuring awkward space-dates, gene-splicing villains, and a packet of coconut fingers as old as time itself, Space Team: Sentienced to Death is the eleventh book in the bestselling Space Teamseries by multi-award-winning author Barry J. Hutchison

Praise for Space Team

Space Team is one of those rare gems, a genuinely funny science fiction story that manages to entertain from beginning to end.” – “I rarely give out five-star reviews for books – generally save those for life-changing reads- but I think Space Team, for what it aims to be, deserves the highest praise I can deliver.” – Amazon Review “I had to stop reading because I laughed too hard to see.” – Amazon Review “This is hardboiled space humour at its best.” – BookWitch “Be prepared to laugh out loud – don’t read in places where this will be embarrassing!” – Amazon Review

The Space Team Series

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