Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and crime fiction

Colder than the Grave

She left him for dead. Now, he’s back to repay the favour.

DCI Jack Logan should’ve known things were going too well. Genuinely happy for the first time in years, Jack has almost fooled himself into believing that the world is a decent place.

But, when the discovery of a mutilated body kicks off a series of grisly murders, Jack’s dream of a peaceful life rapidly begins to crumble around him.

With friends in danger, and enemies begging for his help, Jack must risk everything to protect the final would-be victim, and stop the most monstrous killer he’s ever faced.

And to do that, sacrifices will have to be made…

Colder than the Grave is the 12th novel in the #1 bestselling DCI Jack Logan series set in the Highlands of Scotland. Perfect for fans of Stuart Macbride, Chris Brookmyre, Ian Rankin, and LJ Ross.

The Hunt for Reduk Topa

The twelfth book in Barry J. Hutchison’s internationally bestselling Space Team series is here. 

Featuring unexpected stabbings, maniacal puppets, and a dog with a head like a testicle, Space Team: The Hunt for Reduk Topa is the perfect jumping on point for new readers.


At Zertex, we love books. That’s basically why we started a publishing business and didn’t become, say, plumbers or scientists.
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Zertex Media Ltd is a new digital-first publisher based in the Highlands of Scotland. A family-run enterprise, it was started by author Barry Hutchison,
as a means of publishing his Space Team science fiction series, but is now expanding to work with new authors in different genres.

Ahead of the Game A Snowball's Chance in Hell A Death Most Monumental The Big Man Upstairs


An Isolated Incident

Space Team

A Litter of Bones Space Team
The Search for Splurt
"Dial D for Deadman"


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